Noor Naseer: Blog en-us (C) Noor Naseer [email protected] (Noor Naseer) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Noor Naseer: Blog 120 71 A Roast that Rules the Roost: Cafe Integral For me, coffee is many things; a passion, a fuel and a means to bond with friends and colleagues. A short stint away made me realize I'm better off with it than without it. I quit coffee once for 8 months and all I got were a surplus of unwelcome naps and confusion from all the people who used to go on coffee runs with me. 

I'm routinely on the hunt for a delicious new roast and attending Chicago's Coffee Con was an easy avenue to finding one. Besides being surrounded by likeminded java enthusiasts, I also found a delicious roast by Chicago coffee roaster Cafe Integral. Since discovering their smooth, even-toned blend Dulcinea, I've become a frequenter of their River North shop. Just a few steps left of the Freehand Hotel lobby entrance, you'll find a cozy cafe with dark wood accents and a friendly barista to brew you a cup or latte of choice. I could order a pound or 2 online but I don't want to miss a chance to pay a visit. 

Nestled in the Freehand Hotel, Cafe Integral offers a smooth cup and a great place to snap a pic or catch up on work in River North.



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An Autumn Dusk in Lincoln Park On a late fall Chicago evening, the sun shined its last few rays of light slowly cooling the day towards twilight. As the nights got cooler with each passing day of autumn, I found fewer patrons strolling through Lincoln Park at dusk. There’s a beautiful calm that time of year when most visitors have reserved the night for other activities. The stunning quiet showed no traces of all the family photos and selfies by the bridge from earlier in the day. It’s a visual paradox, a private natural sanctuary with a perfectly framed urban backdrop. I stand there alone with no one but the occasional evening jogger passing through for no more than strides it takes to cross the bridge.


Lincoln Park at dusk

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Gotham City New York City. The city that never sleeps, they say. I found those words to be very true as I wandered across the Brooklyn Bridge around 10:30 at night after a good but long day in the office followed by a dinner that was needlessly delayed by friends deliberating over the 'best Thai in Chelsea'. Knowing that night would be my last chance to capture some night shots of the city before flying back to Chicago, I parted ways with my friends who were ready for some Halloween shenanigans. While the subway was packed with costumed New Yorkers and visitors alike, just a few stayed on the Green Line with me all the way to the last stop - The Bridge. 


Dawn in NYC

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